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Should You Get Your Car Serviced At The Dealership?

should you get your car serviced at the dealership?

Getting your vehicle serviced here is the best choice, even if there may be many choices to choose from. Having a vehicle means you may have to handle unexpected repairs and routine maintenance. Taking your vehicle for routine maintenance checks should help you stay aware of problems in the future, all while keeping it performing its best. Because all work done under the manufacturer’s warranty must be completed at the dealer, we suggest that you have it checked out here as well. The rewards of bringing your vehicle to us outweigh the potential savings of driving it to an independent or local mechanic shop. Here we’ll look into the pros and cons of where you can take your vehicle for its maintenance needs and why we will always be the best choice.

What If I Just Take It To My Local Mechanic?

A Local Vehicle Mechanic

Taking your car to get serviced by the local mechanic shop close to you may pose its own problems for your vehicle and you. Many independent mechanics don’t have the large, trained staff size that we have, which may result in longer wait times. Though most independent mechanics are very skilled, they might lack the specific training required to service today’s vehicles. Plus, if the vehicle requires a part to be replaced, there isn’t any guarantee that they’ll actually have it, and then you might have to wait days or weeks before they even receive the part.

The Closest Dealer To Me

The Dealership Near Me

For your maintenance issues, taking your vehicle to any nearby local dealership may be better than an independent mechanic but won’t be as good as taking it to us. Any dealership won’t know your car like our service technicians. We know your car inside and out and are more familiar with its routine service needs. We take pride in the rapport we have with you and your vehicle. Can any other dealerships provide similar knowledge and customer service with your vehicle?

Your Dealership for Service

Your Dealer for Maintenance

Driving your vehicle to us and letting our talented service techs deal with all of your car maintenance needs is the right choice. ​If you’ve brought the car to us for its usual maintenance checkups, you already have a relationship with our techs, and they already know your car. You can expect a quicker wait time since we have a larger staff and the original OEM parts to replace anything that is required on your vehicle. Trust us for all your service needs, we know your vehicle, provide shorter turnaround times, and we have the OEM parts you want.

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