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Why Are The Brake Pads On My BMW Squeaking?

why are the brake pads on my bmw squeaking?

With every vehicle, problems can occasionally come out of thin air. Of course, taking your car for frequent maintenance checks could give you a chance to prevent eventual issues, but daily issues could still occur. One of those concerns could be screeching brakes, and there are ways to avoid this, depending on if they are new or older. Brake squeaking is likely the result of your driving habits or driving conditions. Below we’ll provide a breakdown of some frequent reasons why your brakes squeak, how long your brake pads might last, and when you should replace your brake pads.

I Just Put On Brand-New Brakes, Why Are They Squeaking?

I Just Put On Brand-New Brake Pads, Why Are They Screeching?

This may shock you, but one of the causes of brake screeching is that your brakes are just too new. Your brake pads might need some more miles to get acclimated to your vehicle. In this case, weather conditions can lead to a build-up of moisture on your brakes, and it could require some time to remove that moisture. Also, how you drive may create brake screeching. “Riding” your brakes or heavy braking may cause brake squeaking, even if they are new. If this is the case, then think about giving your brakes a break to help avoid making more heat.

Worn Down Brake Pads Might Cause Brake Screeching

Older Brake Pads, That Should Be Changed, May Cause Brake Squealing

Older brakes are typically why you might hear that squeaking noise as well. Over the years, components on every car will likely begin to wear down due to moisture, driving habits, if it is garaged or not, and rust. The simple fix is to just get those brakes changed with brand-new parts. However, a change in how you drive could extend the life of the brake pads.

How Long Do Brake Pads Normally Last?

How Long Do Brakes Normally Last?

The lifespan of brakes can last years, based on the way drivers treat the brake pads. Understanding your driving habits is the most important, as it can help you know when to replace the brake pads. Brake pads typically last around 25,000-65,000 miles, but bad driving habits can cause that to shrink. Riding your brakes (when a foot is always on the brakes) and hard braking puts a lot of friction and pressure on the brakes and can lead to diminishing their life. If screeching begins to occur, you might get them looked at and try adjusting how you drive in the future to extend the pad’s lifespan.

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Does Your BMW Need New Brake Pads?

Contact us at Santa Fe BMW if you think your brake pads need to be changed. Our team of professionals is ready to take all of the guesswork out of figuring out the specific brake service your luxury car or SUV needs. We will happily service your vehicle no matter it’s make or model. Schedule your brake service appointment today.

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