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What Caused My BMW Check Engine Light To Turn On?

what caused my bmw check engine light to turn on?

Santa Fe BMW invites you to find out what caused your BMW check engine light to turn on.

The check engine warning light warns drivers of possible engine problems or total failure. There are many reasons your car’s check engine warning light may turn on. It may be small things like a simple sensor failure, an alert to schedule preventive maintenance (such as an oil change), or even to be on the lookout for potentially significant problems that may contribute to engine failure. So, just because the check engine warning light is triggered, it may not be a complete catastrophe. However, if your check engine light comes on, you ought to bring it to us for a full diagnostic inspection as quickly as possible. Even if nothing seems broken, getting it diagnosed accurately can be the difference between having to replace the engine and a cheap repair.

Old Gas Cap

The Gas Cap is Not Fully Tightened

Something as simple as not replacing the gas cap or not tightening it correctly could easily cause a check engine light. A car’s gas cap may need to be replaced during your ownership. After 50k miles, you may want to replace the gas cap. We recommend genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer if you feel you need to replace your gas cap. Using parts from DIY stores can work in an emergency, but nothing beats OEM parts.

Bad Oxygen Sensors

Old Oxygen Sensors

There are many sensors that feed information to your engine to help it run efficiently. However, incorrect readings from components like the MAF sensor or the oxygen sensors can cause a check engine warning light. If your car is running like normal, an old oxygen sensor is the likely culprit. This could mean that your vehicle is fine, but because the engine is not receiving the info, it triggers a warning light. Even if your vehicle feels fine, you should get it checked out ASAP to rule out larger issues.

Spark Plugs in The Car are Faulty

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are vital to the performance of your engine. As the name indicates, spark plugs give off a spark of electricity that ignites the fuel and causes your engine to run. Spark plugs demand very accurate tolerances for optimal effectiveness, and if the spark plug setup is incorrect, it could cause a check engine light. Some symptoms of faulty spark plugs include diminished MPG rates, less engine power, and your engine just does not run smoothly.

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