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Top 5 Times of Year When To Buy Used Cars & Trucks

the best time to shop for used cars

Would you like to know if it’s better to get pre-owned cars at one time versus another time? While the answer to this question is most certainly yes, this all depends on your preferences. Perhaps you want the best savings. Or the best value? The biggest selection? Or the greatest value for your trade-in? Various times of the week, month, or year may usually bring different options. To assist you to best understand the options, we will review the best times to buy pre-owned cars below.

Buy Before You Have To

Shop for a new-to-you pre-owned car before you desperately need one. While this answer may not be time-specific, it’s almost always better to have more time on this kind of decision instead of making this type of purchase in a hurry. It’s always good practice to start investigating your options in order to make a knowledgeable decision rather than a rushed one. Likewise, it’s good to make a decision prior to a breakdown, because it receives additional value for your trade-in because of its superior state.

During The 4th Quarter of the Calendar Year

Why buy a used vehicle towards the end of the calendar year? This time of year is recommended as a result of the amount of holiday dealer sales available. Let’s remember there is a need to make space for incoming models.

Shop At the Front End of the Week

Why ought you shop for a pre-owned car or truck at the front end of the week? When car dealerships aren’t overly busy, it’s much easier for car shoppers to get the car they want. As compared to Saturdays, Mondays are often the least in demand by far. This means significantly greater time from the sales team.

During Holiday Sales Events

Seasonal sales events are generally a perfect opportunity to purchase a car. While these national sales events provide sizable discounts on new automobiles, many dealers also advertise local incentives on their used and certified pre-owned inventory, as well. For the most part, New Year’s ranks amidst the best of all perennial sales events for car shoppers searching for great discounts. In the middle of the year, shoppers usually expect to see more savings during the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Finally, in the final quarter of the year, there are a numerous amount of holiday and seasonal sales events starting with Labor Day then wrapping up at the end of the year with December’s sales to bring the calendar year to a conclusion.

The Final Days of the Month

What is the strong point of buying pre-owned automobiles during the end of the month? To be honest, as most dealers operate on a month-to-month basis, it’s occasionally probable that they may need to clear some current inventory to make places for incoming models. This increases your chance of obtaining the right car or truck at the right price.

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It’s Always the Right Time to Shop at Santa Fe BMW

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