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  • Patrick Day
    General Manager

    Santa Fe BMW and MINI are excited and proud to welcome Patrick Day to their team as the new General Manager. Patrick has come to Santa Fe with a background in Fixed Operations and was the Fixed Operations Director at San Francisco BMW and MINI for 11 years.  He has substantial experience in the service department allowing him to be particularly sensitive to the quality of service his team is providing for customers. Patrick says that he is enjoying Santa Fe BMW and MINI's positivity, enthusiasm about the brands, and their commitment to creating a premium experience for customers. He is very excited to continue working in the automotive industry and to be a member of the Santa Fe team, "I see massive advancements in technology in the pipeline and look forward to seeing how it will impact human mobility," says Patrick.

    Outside of work Patrick spends time with his wife, Hannah, and their two daughters, Petra (4) and Paloma (5). They draw unicorns, princesses and queens and watch shows with the same three subjects. He also enjoys woodworking, laughing and mountain biking. Lastly, his favorite car is the BMW X6 because it has an unapologetic identity and while he doesn't currently own one he plans to in the future.

  • Alvin Rael
    General Sales Manager

    Alvin Rael is the General Sales Manager for Santa Fe BMW and MINI. He has been with Santa Fe BMW/MINI for nine years and has been working his way up through company since day one. Alvin started his career at Santa Fe BMW as a client advisor. One year later, he was promoted to Finance Manager and then became the General Sales Manager for Santa Fe MINI three years ago. Now, starting this month, Alvin will be taking over the General Sales Manager title for Santa Fe BMW as well as Santa Fe MINI. 

    Alvin says that he loves coming to work and looks forward to what the future will bring for Santa Fe BMW, Motorrad, and MINI, along with Sandia Automotive as a whole. "I am very excited and blessed to work with a great group of people both in Santa Fe and Albuquerque," says Alvin, "Sandia Automotive Group is family and I am honored to be a part of it!"
    Outside of work Alvin loves spending time with his wife. He says after raising four children together, ages now ranging from 21 to 28, they have so much fun just the two of them and enjoy doing whatever sounds enjoyable at the time.

  • Abraham Santistevan
    Finance Director

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  • Susan Grab
    Santa Fe BMW Client Advisor

  • Jeremy Osborne
    Service Director

  • Trevor Espinosa
    Service Advisor

  • Spencer Briggs
    Shop Foreman

  • Doug Nava