Many around Santa Fe, Espanola, and La Cienega know what an oil change is, but they may still have questions about their recommended frequency and how long the procedure takes. Given the importance of oil changes, our team at the Santa Fe BMW Service Center decided to create a guide to provide the insight you're looking for.

The following is a thorough overview of oil changes and everything you need to know about this essential service. Not only will you learn how often you should schedule an oil change, but you'll also get a better understanding of what your specific model requires for maintenance!

How Often Should an Oil Change Take Place?

It's important to note that different models will require different oil change intervals. If your engine is placed under regular strain, either because of its immense horsepower or its towing capabilities, oil changes should occur frequently.

For most vehicles, however, you can typically change your oil every 5,000 miles. If you want to get a more specific answer for your own model, you can check the owner's manual or contact our helpful staff!

What Does an Oil Change Do for My Car?

Motor oil is responsible for a couple vital aspects of your car's performance.

First, it's a lubricant. There are many moving pieces underneath your vehicle's hood, and they all create friction with one another. If not for the motor oil, that friction would wear down the components quickly.

Motor oil is also responsible for managing the temperature of your engine. Finally, as the oil circulates around your engine, it picks up loose debris and places it into the oil filter.

Signs I Need My Motor Oil Changed

Your car will present warning signs if you need to change your motor oil. A noticeable drop in performance is one indicator.

You can also check the oil yourself. If it's black, thick, and clumpy, it needs to be swapped out. For most modern vehicles, an oil indicator light on the dashboard or the check engine light can indicate when an oil change is needed.

Schedule an Oil Change in Your Area!

If you think your car needs an oil change, contact Santa Fe BMW and make your appointment today. We're always happy to provide automotive care for those around Santa Fe, Espanola, and La Cienega!

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