If you're eager to find a reliable service shop near Santa Fe, Espanola, and La Cienega, consider the service center at Santa Fe BMW. We provide brake repairs, oil changes, and many other services for drivers throughout the nearby communities. Brake repairs are especially important as the miles begin to stack up.

How often should your brakes be repaired? What are signs that your brakes are beginning to fade? How long does the repair process take? We'll be answering each of these questions in the coming sections!

How Often Should I Repair My Brakes?

Repairing or replacing your brakes is suggested for every 25,000 miles. While the 25,000-mile estimate is a worthwhile figure to remember, the brakes for your specific model may require more frequent repairs depending on a few factors.

The first factor to keep an eye on is the weather. Excessive heat or cold can wear down your brakes more quickly.

Also, it's good to understand how much stress you're placing on your brakes. For example, if you have a truck that regularly hauls heavy loads, the brakes may wear down more quickly because they're tasked with stopping tremendous weight repeatedly. The same goes for brakes in high-performance vehicles, such as a sports sedan or a sportscar.

Finally, each model will have its own unique mileage estimate for brake repair. To see how often your vehicle should stop by the shop, check out your owner's manual!

Signs My Brakes Need to be Repaired

If you can't recall the last time you've had your brakes repaired, be on the lookout for some signs that suggest excessive wear and tear.

For instance, your brakes require a tune-up if you have to press the brake pedal to the floor before your vehicle begins to decelerate. If you begin to press the brake pedal and your car pulls to the left or the right unnaturally, this may be symptomatic of worn-out brake pads or rotors.

Any shuddering or jerking as you attempt to slow your model may point to fatigued brakes, too. Finally, noises such as clanking or rattling as your vehicle slows down, suggest you should stop into a service center and have your brakes inspected.

How Long Does a Brake Repair Take?

At our service center, we have the tools and certified technicians to provide quick and precise care. Procedures such as a brake repair often take less than half an hour.

You can contact our service shop at any time to schedule your visit. We also provide access to a scheduling tool, so you simply have to select a time of day that works best for you.

Receive a Brake Repair in Your Area!

If you think your brakes are beginning to fade, scheduling a repair or replacement is a good idea. Drivers around Santa Fe, Espanola, and La Cienega can always look to Santa Fe BMW for quality automotive service!


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